this is hard core

ya heerd it here 17th, boogers! there is a new ramen era upon us..

shoe's required readin for the month is in. an damn, shoe is soo tiny in they ramen universe, likes.

have a look at these ramen mofo blogs. we gots the マーコさん blog, wit 251 bowls for 2006.

next up is あまさん, lookin' at 303 Bs.

rank UP - 小○さん(first spotted by the TNS), a crazy-ass 333 Bs in 2006.

but then we gots ramen bo-log champ しらすさん wit 455 stoopid Bs for 2006 alone! dat be 5-6 Bs a day, peeps!

shoe has his work cut oot for him, love.

Blogger rameniac had this to say:

hah these guys put us all to shame!

3:32 PM 

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